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Gochain Ico Review & Summary

gochain coin review

GoChain is a new type of decentralized blockchain that uses a Proof of Reputation consensus mode. It claims to be the greenest , cheapest and fastest blockchain around. This proof of reputation is a mechanism that takes advantage of the reputation of network participants to keep the network secure.

  • Public blockchain technologies to establish a decentralized and censorship-resistant framework.
  • For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.
  • Defi DeFi, or decentralized finance, is working to replace centralized traditional finance.
  • Dent wireless created a marketplace for people to buy, sell, and share Mobile Data, instead of letting it expire.

If block times are 10 seconds for example, then the node would be rewarded an average of 15.9 tokens per signed block in the first year. The assigned signer for a block is determined by a round-robin lookup of the authorized signer list. If the assigned signer doesn’t respond then then other signers can sign at a lower block difficulty level. GoChain is a decentralized blockchain network relying on a Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism, named Proof of Reputation. Its consensus model supports smart contracts and the creation of decentralized applications. Build a diversified portfolio with over 25 of the most popular coins. Get a $100,000 virtual portfolio to practice your strategy.

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When I asked the team about it, Jason Dekker told me that the decentralisation is due to them having 50 nodes. These node holders will be chosen based on reputation and they will represent companies.

gochain coin review

GoChain introduces a concept called Proof of Reputation , which is meant to be a more trusted and secure iteration of Proof of Authority . PoA is a system where transactions and blocks are validated by accounts which are approved along with their real identities. In exchange for contributing to the network they are incentivized with new coins…like mining.


The more articles that are available to analyse, the more confident we can be about the score. If there is not a lot of data available what is gochain on the internet to use, this should be a redflag as it can indicate that no one is posting or writing about this project.

GoChain will provide a publicly-available, read-only API to retrieve any historical block so anyone can look up data by keys. This will be open-source so anyone can run this to keep a full history.


Subsequently, each and every time you want to log in – or perform key account functions like a withdrawal request, you’ll need to enter a unique code that can only be found on your phone. It is pretty evident that this young venture offers at least 100 times more speed than ETH and has boosted energy savings to a remarkable level as well, which happens to be about 1000 times. This is also because of its efficient transactions and algorithms where less time is required in order to carry out a contract. The OMI token was first sold in an initial exchange offering on Bitforex as part of the private/pre-sale round, with a hard cap of 1,500 BTC.

What are NFTs in Crypto?

NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, are unique assets that can’t be replaced with something else, and are verified and stored using blockchain technology. They can include everything from music to a website domain, but the current craze is really around digital artwork.

If you are engaged in margin trading and your margin balance falls below 1.3, then Binance will get in touch to let you know that a margin call is required to avoid liquidation. If your margin balance then drops down to 1.1, Binance will be forced to liquidate your trade, meaning you’ll lose your collateral.


When the price hits the target price, an alert will be sent to you via browser notification. To receive alerts, please allow web browser notification permission. New developer tools that make deploying and using contracts a piece of cake, such as web3 cli. GoChain is run by trusted companies, non-profit organizations and universities all over the world. ICObench is an ICO rating platform supported by investors and financial experts. Attrace is the first fully decentralised affiliate marketing platform. Experts are independently and voluntarily contributing to the community.

Paper wallets in connection with a digital currency are in the form of printed-out private and public keys. Because of their physical nature, they provide a very high level of online security. Sometime in April 2019, the ECOMI project “pivoted” its business structure and the underlying blockchain to GoChain, designed to be more secure, cheaper to operate, and better for the environment. The OMI token- the native token of the ECOMI ecosystem- will be released as a GO20 token. All remaining token sales proceeds are locked in a multi-sig cold wallet which requires both the team’s and their lawyers’ keys to access. Marketing & Legal expenses to be covered by 14% of total tokens issued.

Go Token Release Schedule

It’s easy to see that the project is already positioning itself to challenge Ethereum. The next step will be to see how GoChain handles smart contracts, and if it actually holds true to the promise of 10 times the decentralization. That aspect is currently troubling as the initial 50 authority nodes were chosen by the GoChain team. That’s hardly decentralized, but the team has said this number will rapidly increase through voting as network adoption increases. A hardware wallet is the most secure and accessible method to store your GoChain coins . They are specifically intended to hold private keys securely.

gochain coin review

You can also choose to receive email notifications when key account functions are performed, such as withdrawals. To do this, you’ll initially need to enter your full name, home address, country of residence, and date of birth. You will then be redirected to the platform’s third-party verification partner – NetVerify. To complete the KYC process, you’ll need to upload a copy of your government issued ID. This needs to either be a driver’s license, passport, or national ID card.

Highlights From Gochain And The Ecosystem

The OMI/GO20/GO token will be made available to the public via an initial exchange sale. Gochain offers a simple to use online wallet, available here.

  • You will then be redirected to the platform’s third-party verification partner – NetVerify.
  • Impeccable risk assessment, data protection, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity.
  • They currently have a working TestNet showing in excess of 1300 transactions per second ongoing with stability and has been running as high as 2400 transactions per second.
  • The analysis does not consider market sentiment or broader macro issues that may affect the price of GoChain.
  • Well, you just have to be a corporation with a lot of cash already.
  • This includes Telegram and Twitter, so it’s well worth using these channels if you are yet to receive a response.

They are regarded as more secure than desktop or smartphone wallets because they do not connect to the Internet at any time. GoChain uses a Proof of Reputation consensus model that depends on the reputation of its participants to keep the network secure.

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Please fix this and I’ll gladly give 5 stars because I like the concept and simplicity; however, this should not happen and the app is in desperate need of an update. As mentioned in another review, I’m hoping this is an issue of lag. But a whole day for a deposit to be received is slow and makes me feel uneasy. ECOMI’s mission is to create the world’s best platform to protect, purchase, trade and collect premium licensed digital collectibles and cryptocurrency.

gochain coin review
Author: Vlad Hatze