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Offshore Software Development Best Practices

Of course, the cooperation with an offshore development company must be regulated with a contract clearly stating all duties, responsibilities, and penalties for both parties. Drawing such a contract will help to settle any issues should they arise. Effective communication is essential in any team, both in-house or remote. However, when outsourcing software development, proper communication becomes a key factor. In all cases, start with introducing your company and its culture and values. That can clear a lot of issues already in the beginning and ensure much more complete understanding of the company’s goals.

  • Micromanagement is considered a negative practice that eventually results in the breakdown of trust between the employees and the employer.
  • For example, they pitch an A-class offshore team for enterprise client and shortly after the work starts, hand the project to the less-experienced developers.
  • This is underlined by the fact that the revenue of the global IT market is estimated to grow to USD 748 billion in 2020, which is 100 billion USD more than the revenue of the market in 2014.
  • These team leads have a better idea about regional specified cultural differences, so there is no better individual than him or her to integrate those cultural values in their office.
  • The offshore team can implement the project and see whether there are any bugs that are affecting real-time operations or any other challenges for which workarounds are to be created.

This point swings somewhere in between accepting the offshore team and understanding the local employment market. To minimize risks, employers need to scrutinize the job market thoroughly and understand what entices the employees. Favorable commuting facilities, pensions, tax benefits, paid leaves, etc., are factors which may motivate the employees.

Is your internal goal for the project clear and well-understood across your organization? In most cases, outsourced projects have several drivers, but they must be clear and rational in the current situation to be accepted. Now while you are conducting software development, I am sure you must have gone through several development methodologies to accomplish the project in the best manner. But above all, agile seems to have taken the centre stage for years. Agile software development is more about short sprints that keep on producing functioning products. While working on a software development project, you will find that some of the components are used quite often.

We establish a review and approval process of the requirements with our team and partners. Here at Full Scale, we also hire account managers, project managers, and team members with strong communication, project management, and leadership skills. As it is already mentioned in the above discussion that communication plays a very vital role in terms of managing offshore teams. Moreover, communication is a two-way process; if you are expecting from your offshore team members to share reports consistently then they are also expecting constructive feedback from your side. Always promote feedback oriented culture and if your team has done a great job do share your appreciation. If your teams have performed exceptionally well, do share valuable feedback with your offshore teams, entertain them with non-monetary rewards if possible.

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Along with this, offshoring development has proven to be an effective way of overcoming the global tech talent shortage. Formed in 2010, eSparkBiz is a world-recognized software development company, offering businesses a culture of innovations. Our mobile and web development solutions provide businesses a competitive edge and help them overcome their businesses limitations. For new companies or projects with limited budgets price can become a deciding factor in determining whether or not to outsource product development. Even small in-house teams can sometimes cost business owners thousands of dollars to maintain. Recruitment costs, hardware, office rent, software licenses, salaries and taxes — these expenses can easily take up a large share in the project budget, and even burn a hole in it, if not managed properly. Do some research into the cultural sensitivities of the home country of your offshore team.

offshore development best practices

Furthermore, the majority of tech experts in that location know English fluently, so you will be able to communicate easily. The core of a company’s operations should be quality and innovation.

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ISHIR has a successful track record of delivering hundreds of projects using various tools and technologies. We have delivered on-time and on-budget custom software development services and application development services. Using our flexible delivery models, we have ensured success in all our offshore outsourcing projects.

offshore development best practices

It’s also important not to overload offshore development teams with tasks. Give them time to get used to what you’re asking from them, then gradually assign more complex duties . Offshore software development is the process where you outsource your project to another offshoring country and have offshore developers work on it for you. On the other hand, offshore software development is undergoing further digital transformation in the post-covid business landscape. The industry is witnessing an increase in remote-ready technology infrastructure in western countries, especially the American countries. The objectives of the businesses continuously develop and many a time they cannot be predicted. Thus, companies need to amalgamate a flexible structure of business processes that meets the technical requirements of the software development idea.

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Besides, inherent cultural differences may result in different views of the target audience or the visual components of your product. Therefore, cultural differences should be taken into account while planning offshore software development. Currently, the geography of software development outsourcing is quite diverse. In addition to the cost factor, businesses now also consider the skills and professional qualities of the personnel in the countries they plan to outsource to. Well, huge communication gaps can be taken care of through smart planning, staying organized and effective project management.

offshore development best practices

Building a dynamic library of these components will help you assemble new programs within the shortest time span. You call us and mention all your requirements and wishes related to the work and then with a bit of your help, we will define the project metrics and provide you a team of engineers. Thus, we will offer you all our personnel resources and technical infrastructure for a short period of time. To prove our set of skills and expertise, we have our staff certifications. The developers in our team have Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees from a reputed college. Over the years, Mehra Innovations has built a solid developer forum of highly qualified and motivated developers.All of them add a pinch of productive and creative potential of the company. When both your in-house team and your offshore team will know about each other’s culture, it will become easy for both teams to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Creating A Definite But Flexible Timeline

To prevent security and data breaches, organizations must take strides to protect their information. These steps might include giving third-party vendors access to only the data they absolutely need, as well as having the partner sign a non-disclosure agreement. To cross-check whether they have understood what you explained, ask them to tell you what they have understood. This is exactly why most successful products in the world have amazing visionaries behind them. One way to overcome this challenge is to maintain transparency in all aspects related to the project. Transparency not just identifies new ways to generate value but to show that outsourcing can compete with the financial flexibility.

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It also necessitates complete focus and attention on the fundamental purpose from the beginning to the end of the project. In order to succeed with your remote team, implement regular remote meetings, use shared documentation, adopt standards for presentations. The team should understand that the client is easy to approach, which will, in offshore development best practices turn, eliminate possible conflicts in the future. Whether you’re a CTO or COO, you’ll know from experience that strong communication strategies benefit your entire organisation. Aligning on everything from key deliverables to timelines, weekly sprints, check-in points and mitigation strategies will put your project on a solid foundation.

Offshore Development Center Providing Quality Talent

The main advantage behind choosing offshore teams is their cost-effectiveness. In simple words, companies get to hire dedicated software developers at quite reasonable and affordable rates. If local resources are not compatible with a businesses development project – Companies often tend to work with offshore development when they don’t receive flexibility. This makes more sense compared to hiring a full-time software developer for a short-term project. With offshore developers, your obligation to them ends once they have completed the project. If you are a small company and the project is limited in its scope, then the best way to find an offshore software development company is to search on freelance websites.

offshore development best practices

Competition is at an all-time high, operating costs are constantly increasing, and talent is becoming increasingly rare. Fayrix team has developed e-learning trading platform for Revoleto startup company. The scope of work consisted of development of the website on WordPress with own Learning Management System, optimization of the bootstrap based pages. Implementation of the stock price display function in the Assets section.

2 Slower And Complicated Process

Scrum is one of the varieties of Agile approach to product development. They divide their assignments into so-called sprints, particular periods of time allocated for completing the tasks. Sprints are aimed to help team members track the time they spent for accomplishing a certain task.

It helps them deal with numerous challenges of the IT world without conflicts. When it comes to hiring Ukrainian software engineering companies Americans prefer to use agile Code review tools for managing projects and time tracking. Together with agile tools, Ukrainians also use effectively various Atlassian products including JIRA and Confluence.