Our story

We are food scientists by training with years of experience in the food industry. A few years ago we got Canna-Curious while visiting a Boston trade show.  We saw that edibles did not taste as good as people would like them to be, and that labels were deceptive and obscure.

What can you do to solve these problems? The obvious: make our own products to the highest standards.  Our products had to taste great, be very effective, contain high doses (the ultimate flavor challenge), use only simple and natural ingredients, go vegan, have clean labels.

Then we thought, about what would be the most challenging product to make – and we chose chewing gum.   And what a rewarding journey it has been to create the best tasting Full Spectrum CBD all natural chewing gum.  We have made hundreds of small batches, and hundreds of volunteers have helped us perfect the secret recipe.

We really hope you like the fruits of our efforts.